Aug. 15th, 2006

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I live in Shrewsbury now. At night, there is a very loud chorus of frogs, bugs, and whatever else lives out here. So far, I have seen a deer, bunnies, chipmunks, geese, and ducks. There are also 3 yorkies, a pug, and a mastiff on my street. They all run around loose most of the day. The pug thinks she owns the whole neighborhood. She does have a knitted pink collar with pearl beads on it, which might contribute to the delusion. The neighbor's cat is apparently quite the hunter - there was a lot of yowling at about 2am, but the cat looks unscathed and happy this morning.

Stella and Fergal are settling in well. They both enjoy sitting at the screen door to the deck, basking in afternoon breeze and sunshine. I am stuck watching my boss's dog for a week while his family is on vacation, but Dexter is being pretty good. He has to pee on every tree we pass on walks, which takes a long time, since I live in the woods.

I am having issues with the car I bought - it won't pass inspection because someone seriously hacked up the exhaust system to put on a ridiculous after-market muffler. The guy who sold it to me won't give me my money back, so I need to file a complaint, but in the meantime, I need to go find another car. My sister and I are going to look at a dealership tomorrow for trade-ins.

Now I need to buy some storage-type furnishings so I can finish unpacking, and some curtains to replace the sage green flowered lace I am currently living with.


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